Cetin Tuker

Cetin Tuker

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First Name * Cetin
Last Name * Tuker
Username * mrsteed
Country * Turkey
City Istanbul
Nationality Turkish
Languages English



Availability: Freelance
Website www.cetintuker.com


My name is Cetin Tuker. I live in Istanbul Turkey. I am working as an instructor of 3D animation here in fine arts unviersity (I was educated as an architect). I am working for my doctoral theses (thats also about interactive 3d environments).

I am also working as a freelance 3D artist for animation projects in Turkey (mostly for tv commercials - more than 50 commercials) and in some other countries like Hong Kong, Canada and Portugal.

My previous work experiences were about texturing, modelling of low poly game characters, tv commercials, fluid simulation, animation and character animation. I am working for "the gnomon workshop", I have produced a DVD for the gnomon workshop and it was released on May 2007.

Architectural visualisation was the beginning of my 3d career.

Between years 2001 to 2005 I worked for a game project in Turkey. That was a real time 3d action adventure game. I worked as a low polygon character modeller, texture artst and animator.

As you see I am a generalist but I mostly enjoy working on texturing and character modelling and animation.

Here are he links of SOME of my works. If you interested in I can send more.


And finally, I'm using both maya and 3ds max, character studio and photoshop. But I am better in 3ds max.

And as you understand I like to play games and I like more to create games. My best are Half life, syberia, myst, and dreamfall the longes journey.



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